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Rather than solely relying on experts familiar with Chinese philanthropy, who are often already spread too thin, we tap into a much larger pool of expertise and adapt them to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

Under this model, our strength lies in the extensive network of experts we’ve built and are still expanding in China and abroad.  The network includes leaders and experts in business, nonprofit, philanthropy and academia, institutions with specialized expertise, and associations for various causes.

Our strength also lies in the role we play to adapt the content to best suit the diversified backgrounds and specific needs of our clients.  Our respect for diversity, and capability in understanding and working effectively in both western and eastern cultures allow us to deliver high-quality service with great consistency.

At the same time, we measure our success by the impact our client has achieved, instead of our own intellectual satisfaction.  This principle provides us with the strongest motivation to make things work for our clients, and creates ultimate inspirations for us to seek innovative practice for effectiveness and impact, despite various constraints and obstacles.